Solution Focused Coaching

The Socius tried and tested Solutions Focused Coaching process brings together teams to identify solutions that measurably increase surplus and impact on their business and  financial goals. Key outcomes include:

Maximise output and ROI with available resources.


Outputs refocused on financial objectives.


Transform team culture and focus with clear actions.


Save money by streamlining outputs.


Integrated team communication, thinking and planning.


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Solutions Focused Process


Participant Questionnaire

We assess your team’s perceptions of success by administering an internal stakeholder survey. The results are analysed to identify outliers and important areas requiring further discussion.


Guided Conversation

As a team you identify your aspirations as if all obstacles were suddenly overcome. You then evaluate your current position in relation to these aspirations and create a benchmark from which future progress can be measured.


Creating a Preferred Future

As a group you describe what your department and roles would look like, and what team members would experience, deliver and achieve if you were one step closer to achieving your aspirations.


Implement SMART Actions

Each team member identifies the SMART actions that they will implement immediately to move the team one step closer towards the shared vision, driving cultural improvements.


Realise and Recast Vision

The conversation and actions are documented and Socius management tools are used to track team progress. After 6-12 months progress is reviewed and a new Preferred Future is created to drive incremental improvements.

Socius Coaching In Practice

The Abbey, Reading

Coaching Process

Socius were delighted to help The Abbey, Reading’s External Relations team realise the School’s outstanding Strategic Plan, under the direction of Craig Andrew, Head of External Relations.

Feautured School Sessions

External Relations Teams

External facing functions - Admissions, Marketing and Development - are the key to securing the long term future of nonprofits. Socius Solution Focused Coaching empowers teams to achieve core marketing, development and financial objectives.

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